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Puresoundsradio was established in November 2016 as part of the West Anglian Radio Network. It is run by the founders, Joey Millen and Stacey Miall, who currently reside in Preston, Lancashire, UK

What are the future plans for psr?

The current plans for the future, is to focus on becoming a high rated community radio station that provides and plays the best varity of music our listeners love to listen to, not just within the uk, but all around the world.

How are you expecting to accomplish these plans?

The website has been created and adpated to allow anyone to listen to the radio station from any device such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop that has internet access. We are also hoping that our wonderful listeners can help us accomplish our plans, simply by speading the word of psr, inviting friends and family, let them experince the varity you love.


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    Station Founder: Joey Millen
    Station Manager: Stacey Miall
    Station Support: Robert Screen

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